Some science-backed dietary supplement trends deserve your attention because they represent the future direction of our industry. As explained by Functional Medicine Expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS, who narrated this consumer-friendly video, AMPK boosters are becoming popular for many good reasons. Adding an AMPK booster to your line is as simple as formulating with Bioenergy Ribose

“Your body is meant to push, pull, jump, squat, lift, walk and run,” Wylde says in his opening. Regular exercise helps preserve health by maintaining lean muscle which keeps off fat pounds. “Believe it or not, there are many skinny fat people. These individuals may look healthy on the outside, but they’re ticking timebombs. Optimal physical health is largely about the percentage of lean muscle you carry around. The more you have, the better your metabolism.” Even at rest.   

The next big thing in weight management and natural energy: Bioenergy Ribose 

A high-profile TV health guest and three-time best-selling author, Wylde attends dozens of health expos every year, always on the hunt for the latest natural ingredient innovations. “My criteria are super strict. Supplements must have safety, sustainability, evidence, efficacy, full transparency; they’ve got to be traceable, pure and of course potent having been proven therapeutic in humans.” 

He continues, “You’re going to be hearing a lot more about ingredients known as AMPK boosters. Evidence shows that one called Bioenergy Ribose can naturally improve energy production as an AMPK booster.”

How to talk with consumers about boosting AMPK  

As demonstrated by his appearances on the Dr. Oz Show, CTV and other North American TV shows, Wylde excels at translating heavily scientific information into language consumers understand. In this video, he does it again with his AMPK explanation. 

“The tiny organelles found in the trillions of cells in your body are called mitochondria. These guys manufacture the currency of energy that we need to function called ATP. And, AMPK promotes mitochondrial reproduction which occurs in response to increased energy expenditure to produce more ATP.  We all want that! 

“While ribose is naturally present already in every living cell in your body, the process to make it is very slow. So, supplementing with this ingredient is an excellent choice. Not to mention that as we age, or even under chronic stress, natural AMPK activity declines and therefore so does ATP, energy, muscle mass and metabolism. 

“Simply put, AMPK is an enzyme that helps balance energy consumption and production. Ample levels of AMPK in your body help to stimulate fat burning by helping you maintain an optimal metabolism. And, it’s associated with sustained energy with or without exercise. It can also stimulate the activation of genes known to be upregulated during exercise, adding to the benefits of regular exercise and overall health and wellness.”

So whether your formula is intended to help people go faster, be stronger, improve their  metabolism or simply have more energy, it’s high time to amp up its ability to boost AMPK with Bioenergy Ribose.