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Clinically proven men’s health ingredient to help guys look and feel great as they age

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What is RiaGev-M?

RiaGev-M is a patented drug-free ingredient formulation of Bioenergy Ribose and Nicotinamide that is effective at helping men maintain healthy testosterone levels and improve libido. 

It is clinically proven to lower cortisol levels naturally in shorter amounts of time than other ingredients, and without side effects. Cortisol reduction is essential in improving men’s overall health.

RiaGev-M is versatile enough to be used in a stand-alone men’s health product or included in your existing formulations.


Highly bioavailable


No side effects

Benefits of RiaGev-M*

Enhanced testosterone levels

Enhanced libido


Improved stress response

Enhanced metabolism

Less sleepiness and fatigue

More energy and overall improvement with the effects of heavy weightlifting

Your Men’s Health Formula Needs RiaGev-M

While most men may assume lower testosterone and waning vigor are first signs of aging, the reality is that a series of gradual hormonal changes has likely already been well underway for years. It may come as a surprise that our brain, muscle, and fat cells all have hormone receptors, thus, these cumulative changes occur on a cellular level, accelerating aging in all tissues. Because RiaGev-M is clinically proven* to naturally reduce cortisol levels, a hormone responsible for the body’s stress response, it works to alleviate a number of cortisol-dependent symptoms such as low libido, low testosterone and weight gain. It works in a shorter amount of time than other cortisol lowering ingredients, and is more bioavailable, making your men’s health products more appealing as they experience common signs of aging.

*A combination of nicotinamide and D-Ribose is safe and effective to increase NAD+ metabolome in healthy middle-aged population: A randomized, triple-blind, comparatorcontrolled, cross-over clinical study; Trisha Shamp, PA-C, MPACS, PhD, Prism Clinical Research Institute, St Paul, MN; Alison McDonald, PhD; Malkanthi Evans, PhD, KGK Science, Inc., London, Ontario, Canada; Nagana Gowda, PhD; Daniel Raftery, PhD, Northwest Metabolomics Research Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Alex Xue, PhD, Michael Crabtree, ND, Bioenergy Life Science, Inc., Ham Lake, MN

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