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Bioenergy RiaGev-SR™ is the first-ever NAD booster in a Sustained Release Tablet Technology. It is sold as a bulk tablet for any dietary supplement, medical food and/or therapeutic brand. To find some of these consumer products with RiaGev-SR, simply do an online search for “RiaGev-SR”. The result will show you some companies that are making the first supplements with RiaGev-SR. Because RiaGev-SR is newly launched, the product options will increase with time.

How to Use RiaGev-SR

To promote healthy aging, we recommend taking 750mg of RiaGev-SR, with food or drink, 1-2 times per day. The normal dosage is 1 tablet per serving. Each tablet dissolves slowly in the body over 5 to 7 hours for optimal nutrient absorption and tissue retention. Note: Individual dosage depends on desired benefits.

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