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Promoting healthy aging

Where to Find Consumer Products with RiaGev

Bioenergy RiaGev® is sold as a bulk ingredient to manufacturers who incorporate it into their dietary supplement, cosmetic and food products. To find some of these consumer products with RiaGev, simply do an online search for “RiaGev”. The result will show you some companies who have made the first supplements with RiaGev. RiaGev is newly launched so the product options will increase with time. You can also search on Amazon.

How to use RiaGev

To promote healthy aging, we recommend taking 750mg of RiaGev 1-2 times per day. The most popular application of RiaGev comes in capsule form. So the normal dosage is 1 capsule per serving. Note: Individual dosage depends on desired benefits.

Find Bioenergy RiaGev in these Products:

Crystal Star NAD+

Prana Veda





Renatar Alphar

Herbs of Gold NMN+

Da Vinci Laboratories NAD+ Activate

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