RiaGev-SR (Sustained Release) is the next-generation NAD booster and is changing the healthy aging category. Considered one of the more advanced NAD boosters available, it is the first-ever use of sustained release technology in the healthy aging category.

What is RiaGev-SR?

RiaGev-SR is a unique wax-matrix sustained-release tablet containing 760mg dose of RiaGev. This revolutionary format mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow and steady manner. Plus, it delivers on promise. Consumers will feel the difference.

RiaGev-SR is available in bulk tablet form directly from BLS, making it easy for you to select your own finished product packaging options.



Clinically proven


Benefits of RiaGev-SR

Coating-free tablets

Easy to digest

Optimal absorption


IP protected


RiaGev-SR’s unique sustained release technology will set your brand apart. It is suitable for a variety of consumers seeking clean ingredients, optimal absorption and/or easy-to-digest dietary supplements.

With its clinically proven, unique ability to simultaneously increase NAD, ATP and Glutathione (GSH), this is considered one of the more advanced NAD boosters available.

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