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What is SweetR?

SweetR is our patented multi-functional, all-natural, low calorie sweetener complex. SweetR is healthier for you in multiple ways. Plus

  • It is instantly metabolized, not stored as calories in the body, making it perfect for the waistline.
  • Its functional benefits include energy rejuvenation and metabolism support.
  • It is all natural and clean label.
  • It has a high sweetness profile.
  • It is fully soluble, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

SweetR is the alternative to your zero sugar or sugar reduction needs. Plus, it is healthier for you and with health benefits. 

Benefits of SweetR*

Perfectly sweet without an aftertaste

Negative glycemic index


Low calorie



Keto/Vegan/Vegetarian friendly

Customizable sweetness profile

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