Powerhouse Ingredient Premix Services

Inspired by science

Streamline your production. Save time and money. BLS offers market-ready and custom premix services inspired by the trust and science of our powerhouse core ingredients.

Our in-house premix services include:

  • Market-ready, in-stock premixes or customizable to fit your needs
  • Flexibility to process high- and low-capacity batch sizes
  • Blending/mixing ingredients quickly and efficiently
  • Precise blending/mixing of multiple ingredients
  • Ability to blend/mix a variety of ingredients
  • Blending/mixing any combination and ratio of dry ingredients
  • Achieving a completely homogenous blend/mix
  • Validation testing to confirm consistency, quality and other factors
  • Bulk packaging capabilities
There is a growing demand for raw material processing prior to manufacturing. Our in-house premix services give you the extra advantages of formulating with our trusted, science-backed ingredients.

We stand by our processes and control systems, so you can stand by your finished products. We always screen for impurities, plus we are stringent about precise measurements.









Nutrition bars

Dietary supplements

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