Everyday consumers are fueling the popularity of sports and performance drinks, with sales expected to surpass $13.5 billion by 2025. As reported by Beverage Industry Magazine, these newer customers are demanding more health and wellness benefits from these products. The article describes how our patented Bioenergy Ribose is helping to satisfy the energy needs of this more general consumer population. 

Interviewed for the publication, BLS Vice President of sales Mairanne McDonagh explains, “Imagine having that much-needed healthy energy boost we all crave during a high-intensity workout, training for our first marathon, or just simply getting through that busy day of non-stop meetings.” Bioenergy Ribose meets this consumer need by providing an all-natural recovery-improving ingredient that increases energy at the cellular level.

With its ability to restore energy and accelerate recovery, Bioenergy Ribose is a game-changing ingredient that can be formulated into sports nutrition and performance beverages, in addition to a broad range of other applications.