Ingredients shown to activate Adenosine 5′ monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPk) can help your formulas become category heroes because a higher, stronger metabolism is associated with targeted weight loss and sustained energy.  New research indicates that Bioenergy Ribose will become the industry’s trusted AMPk activator. 

AMPk is an enzyme that helps determine the body’s balance between energy production and consumption. Studies show when activated – such as by high-intensity exercise or calorie restriction – it helps

  • Stimulate fat burning
  • Boost energy
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve mitochondrial health, and more

Bioenergy Ribose fuels the burn 

New preliminary studies have shown that substantially low doses of Bioenergy Ribose can activate AMPk, even without exercise. Preclinical data also now show that Bioenergy Ribose’s unique mechanism of action upregulated PGC-1a, another important molecule for regulating fat loss and energy metabolism. 

Impressive is the only way to describe these results evaluating Bioenergy Ribose’s energy-boosting effects in combination with exercise.

  • Significant ATP level elevation in exercising and non-exercising groups. 
  • Significant elevation of AMPk in liver, heart and skeletal muscle tissue independent of exercise.
  • Significant elevation in PGC-1a activity in skeletal muscle
  • Significant elevation of citrate synthase activity

This is yet another revolutionary health benefit for Bioenergy Ribose, already clinically proven to increase energy at the cellular level and improve sport performance. 

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