If you want your body to perform at its best, you need to treat it right. That’s the message Lindsey & Tim Bomgren are hoping to share with their followers. Lindsey is the power behind NourishMoveLove.com, an inspiring lifestyle and fitness site for women. Tim is a professional beach volleyball player. Together, this superduo are influencers for NOW®, a leader in sports nutrition, healthy foods and natural supplements. Now Foods offers several products with Bioenergy Ribose.

In this YouTube video by NOW, the Bomgren family shared why this message is a family principle. ”We demand a lot from our bodies,” explained Lindsay who stressed the importance of good nutrition and quality sleep. “We just feel better.” She hopes to instill the importance of good nutrition in the Bomgren children and her follower’s children as well. She includes many nutritious and family-friendly recipes on her website. 

Tim starts his day with NOW® Sports Bioenergy D-Ribose powder and a branched-chain amino acid pre-workout supplement. D-Ribose helps stimulate the body’s natural energy production, helping maintain optimal energy levels in heart and skeletal muscles. It’s been shown to increase endurance, accelerate recovery and reduce muscle soreness. 

Get to know the Bomgren family here: https://youtu.be/KqVsHDBFEx4

Bioenergy Ribose is also available in other NOW products, including B-12 Energy Boost Tart Berry Sticks, D-Ribose veggie capsules and NADH caps.