Bioenergy Ribose + B Vitamins

Our first market-ready premix solution

You should never have to sacrifice trust, quality and efficacy for convenience.BLS is elevating the industry with market-ready premix solutions featuring our patented ingredients!

Our first market-ready premix features our trusted, science-backed Bioenergy Ribose + B Vitamins to benefit cellular health, energy, metabolism support and brain function.

You can use our in-stock, market-ready premix formula or we can customize it.

Bioenergy Ribose is the only patented, FDA GRAS-certified, scientifically proven, multi-functional D-Ribose on the market. This revolutionary multi-functional ingredient increases cellular energy and ATP production, and improves sport performance. It is a must-have for any active lifestyle, sport nutrition products and functional beverages.





Dietary supplements

Sports nutrition


Functional food including nutritional bars

Pet nutrition

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