In our role as your Total Solutions Provider, BLS is committed to assessing and understanding key consumer trends. Which currently popular trends will continue to grow? Which will ultimately prove to be a passing fad? What is on the cusp of becoming an enormously profitable segment? 

A couple things are abundantly clear for 2022:

  1. Even after two years, the pandemic continues to impact consumers’ food and beverage preferences.
  2. Although they may sound divergent, indulgence and nutritiousness are both key considerations. And yes, it is possible to satisfy both desires in a single application. 

Based on our customer conversations, as well as feedback we have received during the numerous industry events this year, here are four of this year’s strongest food and beverage categories and trends: 

1. Healthier, functional foods for personal nutrition goals are big business. Although taste and convenience still reign, more consumers are evaluating foods and beverages based on how they benefit their bodies. Bioenergy Ribose and RiaGev offer competitive advantages for low-carb/keto friendly products, as well as weight management, gut health and sports nutrition. 

2. The plant-based category is getting bigger. While alternatives are popping up in multiple food and beverage categories, companies are also revisiting their original meat-alternative recipes to further enhance their flavor, texture and aroma. Demand for Bioenergy Ribose is strong because of its browning/caramelizing effect. 

3. Consumers crave energy-boosting solutions. People are overstressed and exhausted. Many are looking for snacks and beverages that will safely provide a boost in energy and stamina. What’s more: They want to be able to feel the difference. Bioenergy Ribose increases cellular energy by enhancing the body’s ability to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the source of all cellular energy. RiaGev simultaneously increases NAD, ATP and glutathione production. Both are extremely suitable for noticeably satisfying consumers’ energy needs.

4. Safety and transparency are a given. They are no longer stand-alone selling points. Our customers are reassured that BLS ingredients are suitable for Non-GMO Project Verified, environmentally friendly, sustainable and clean label applications.  

Let’s partner to develop or refine your formulations and line extensions. Bioenergy Ribose and RiaGev are suitable for foods and healthy snacks, beverages, plant-based foods and shakes/meal replacements. 

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