Science shows a low, hormedic dose of Bioenergy Ribose (RiboActiv) activates AMPK.  What are the latest new ingredients and products to help you stay healthy? Each year, an estimated 85,000 people attend Natural Products Expo West, one of the largest trade events for natural, organic and healthy lifestyle products. But it’s not open to the public. Leading health and wellness expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS attends every year. In this interview with Cityline TV, he took the audience behind the curtain to introduce them to some of the best products on the market. 

Wylde had stringent quality criteria: safety, sustainability, efficacy, evidence, traceability, transparency, purity and potency. “When we’re talking about energy, we’re going to see a lot more about something called AMPK. What you want to do is fuel the mitochondria within all the trillions of cells you’re made of,” he reported. 

“To do that most efficiently, you want to look for a very special type of sugar. (It’s not going to pack on the calories, don’t worry about that!) It’s a special type of sugar called D-Ribose. It specifically ramps up AMPK, which is going to get the mitochondria to create the currency of energy in your body.” 

Science shows that RiboActiv effectively activates AMPK in the body, which may also facilitate weight loss and other benefits.