Consumers following a keto diet are likely to be very careful about their sugar intake. Here’s the good news: Bioenergy Ribose won’t affect the carb load, making it one of very few carbs that can be consumed when following a keto diet. It is the ideal addition to a keto-friendly product line including functional foods, snacks, beverages and much more.  

The keto diet remains popular for weight loss. Some people find that combining a low-carb diet with an active lifestyle gives them more energy. Bioenergy Ribose is a way to enhance that feeling. It gives sustained energy that consumers can actually feel, while helping reduce post workout muscle soreness and fatigue. 

Even better, Bioenergy Ribose supports weight management and a healthy body composition by regulating the body’s use and production of energy and enabling you to continue your intense workouts while in a calorie-reduced state. This may lead to more lean muscle and reduced body fat. 

Here’s another selling point: Keto diet followers will also appreciate the fact that Bioenergy Ribose supports cardiovascular health, in part by helping maintain healthy blood flow and circulation. 

It is so easy to formulate with Bioenergy Ribose and enhance the functional profile of products. Bioenergy Ribose stays stable up to 375 degrees and is easily soluble in most food systems without affecting the texture. It has half the sweetness of table sugar, enabling you to reduce the amount of sugar/sweeteners in most formulas by about 10% or more, without worrying about aftertaste. 

Bioenergy Ribose makes a sweet addition to all dairy products, any hot or cold beverage, as well as cereals, confectionery and chocolate. And of course, it’s clean label, Non-GMO Project Verified, FDA certified as GRAS, Halal, Kosher, gluten-free, keto-friendly … all the things that make life easier for our Food and Beverage customers.