Growing numbers of consumers report that fatigue and the drain of everyday life are general problems in their lives. They want more natural, more prolonged and more sustainable energy, rather than energy stimulants, which can cause an eventual crash. Bioenergy Ribose may be an ideal complement to caffeine. The advantage to energy drinks that contain both ingredients is that caffeine decreases fatigue, increases alertness and elevates mood while ribose helps make energy and higher sports performance

Bioenergy Ribose, which has a slightly sweet taste and no bitter aftertaste, is more than just another type of sugar. Unlike most sugars (fructose, sucrose and glucose) which only fuel energy turnover, Bioenergy Ribose drives energy maintenance and recovery by actually making energy compounds and keeping them in muscle cells. It also has a negative glycemic index and, unlike most sugars, does not generally raise blood sugar levels.

Functional food and beverage manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice. Because it is simple to incorporate, and blends easily with other ingredients and flavors, watch for Bioenergy Ribose to appear in a very wide variety of products including:

• Breakfast cereals and bars

• Snack and meal-replacement bars

• Baked goods (cookies, brownies and muffins)

• Fruit chews and roll-ups

• Dairy items (yogurt, pudding and milk shakes)

• Chocolates and confections

• Energy drinks and shots

• Protein shakes

• Rehydration drinks

• Flavored/fortified waters

• Powdered beverage mixes

• Teas and coffees

You’ll be able to spot products made with 250 mg. or more of Bioenergy Ribose per serving by the extra functional claims they make on their packaging, which are supported by extensive clinical testing. These include:

• Speeds energy recovery

• Increases energy reserves

• Rebuilds ATP when depleted in heart and muscle tissue

• Maintains healthy energy levels in heart and muscle tissue

• Regenerates energy

• Reduces onset of muscle cramping and soreness

Oh, and one more bonus to using Bioenergy Ribose? It reduces the need to use other types of sugars in food and beverage formulations.