Consumers are transforming the global food system. BLS is using our experience and leadership to show the industry how to take innovative action. We are re-imagining the possibilities for plant-based foods, foods and healthy snacks, beverages and shakes/meal replacements. 

Stop by Booth #S3110 during IFT 2022 in Chicago to sample our chef-created, clean-label prototypes. These are real-world examples of how you can sharpen your creative edge with our game-changing ingredients. 

Versatile Bioenergy Ribose and RiaGev do more, and they do it better

BLS will feature its flagship ingredient, Bioenergy Ribose, which does more than enable beverage formulas to deliver noticeable, sustained energy by replenishing cellular ATP. It’s the secret behind plant-based proteins’ mouthwatering flavor and aroma.

RiaGev is a BLS rising star in the healthy aging category. It is the first and only commercially available patented and specialized formulation of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide, which delivers.simultaneous increases in NAD, ATP and glutathione production. Functional foods and beverages formulated with RiaGev will support cognition and concentration. 

Well-known functional chef Gerard Viverito reimagines the classics 

Chef G has been busy in his test kitchen developing a palate-pleasing prototype menu for this year’s IFT attendees. Each innovative and unique recipe is reimagined to have a short ingredient list and clean label. 

  • Plant-Based Bunless Slider: This is made with black beans, grains, tomato and Bioenergy Ribose. “You’ll experience the natural browning, tempting meat-like aroma and caramelization made possible by Bioenergy Ribose. This bunless slider is a true celebration of plants!” says Chef G. 
  • Citrus Gummy Cubes: “Fresh but not overly sweet, I wanted to showcase how RiaGev might be used in a gummy format. Just pop one of these in your mouth to get RiaGev’s healthy aging benefits including cognitive support!”
  • Fruit Leather: This is made with just three ingredients. “In the old days, fruit leather was a little juice and a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients. Mine features pureed fruit and a surprisingly small amount of organic sugar. Again, this is made possible because Bioenergy Ribose is slightly sweet.” This is a modern snack for those on-the-go consumers who need that increased energy in an easy-to-consume format.  

We have the sought-after claims and competitive advantages 

Our ingredient claims include energy support, sport performance, overall wellness, healthy aging & anti-aging, antioxidant, hormone support, gut health (which leads to improved brain, heart and muscle health), and considerably more. 

Our competitive advantages include Non-GMO Project Verified, keto friendly, slightly sweet flavor profile, browning/caramelizing effect, negative glycemic value, clean label and sustainability. 

We hope to see you at the show! If you can’t make it, please contact us to request information. You can trust BLS to partner with you on everything from ingredient selection and formulation to strategic marketing support.