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Functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS, loved this question: “Are there clean ingredients, that are not caffeine or stimulants, that can boost energy?”  

He answered: “True, clean energy starts at the level of the mitochondria. These are tiny organelles found within the trillions of cells in your body that manufacture the currency of energy called ATP.” 

For those desiring more ATP, Wylde advised: “You’re going to hear a lot more about these AMPK-boosting supplements on the market.” He explained that AMPK supports mitochondrial production so you get more ATP downstream. 

To boost AMPK, look for Bioenergy Ribose or RiaGev. “These are really cool, specialized ingredients to boost AMPK and boost mitochondrial output.” 

Pre-clinical trials have demonstrated a low, hormedic-dose of Bioenergy Ribose, now available as RiboActiv, significantly activated AMPK, independent of exercise and without exercise.