The latest summer and winter Olympic games have inspired millions worldwide. BLS watches these competitions with pride, as Bioenergy Ribose is one of the few ingredients world class Olympians take while training and competing. In fact, Bioenergy Ribose is so synonymous with sports nutrition that when Nutrition Industry Executive wanted to publish an in-depth feature about the market, BLS’s Marianne McDonagh was invited to provide input as a prestigious panel member. 

The article, “Sports Nutrition Ups its Game,” was written by award-winning health-and-medical journalist James J. Gormely who noted, “The science of sports nutrition has developed by leaps and bounds, becoming more sophisticated and complex for formulators and manufacturers.” 

With a current market size of $15.6 billion, Gormely says the market is expected to rise between now and 2027. McDonagh stated that this estimate is in keeping with the significant increase in demand BLS saw in the second quarter of 2021. 

She added, “As the sports nutrition category has expanded beyond competitive athletes to include various levels of fitness enthusiasts, there is also greater demand for sports nutrition ingredients that also support overall health. This has resulted in more innovation both in terms of the branded ingredients themselves as well as some very interesting finished formulas. BLS had this market scenario in mind when we pioneered this category with our long-standing, powerful sport nutrition ingredient Bioenergy Ribose over 20 years ago. Our ongoing research confirms that its benefits transcend the traditional sports nutrition category.”  

Asked about the most exciting new delivery systems, McDonagh stated that BLS is most excited about Function Stacking. “We have developed various vehicles which also behave as beneficial active ingredients,” she explained. “Our approach, which uses co-crystal technology, provides our customers with a platform to engage the use of many otherwise unstable applications, while delivering added benefits to the consumer.”

Commenting on the need for clean-label products without stimulants or banned substances, McDonagh pointed out, “Bioenergy Ribose is clean label and stimulant free without the unwanted side effects associated with caffeine. It is approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency as well as The Olympic Association.” 

Bioenergy Ribose delivers the energy our bodies need and the recovery to keep going, train harder and to stay in the game.