Bioenergy RiaGev won first place in the Healthy Aging category at the 2020 Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) Awards. These awards highlight the most cutting-edge and advanced natural branded nutritional ingredients backed by science.

The event’s judges used the following criteria to assess the ingredients:
• Product Research/Evidence/Bioavailability
• Sustainability/Traceability/Certifications (if applicable)
• Consumer Need
• The “Impressiveness Factor”

Bioenergy RiaGev secured first place and received many accolades from the judges. One noted that RiaGev is an “interesting combination of D-ribose and nicotinamide to address NAD+ and ATP simultaneously.”

Another judge appreciated RiaGev’s broad healthy aging benefits: “This was one of my favorite new ingredients. Nicotinamide riboside and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) are two extremely popular products right now but both have their issues with conversion and efficacy. RiaGev seems to improve on these to be even more effective and improves even more factors to healthy aging. It increases NAD, ATP and GSH simultaneously, including muscle and brain. In addition to slowing the aging process on the inside, RiaGev helps defy aging on the outside. By increasing NAD and ATP, our skin becomes more resilient to the visible signs of aging.”

Learn more about the award and the selection process here.